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Devotion: An Anchor or an Anchor?

Although there are many reasons we become devoted to something or someone, many of us become devoted after we glimpse the depth of our reality in some, even small, way.

When that jolt of understanding comes ripping through, there is a connection that we feel and see (inside) and want to hold onto. Often, it is quite fleeting but our devotion may be set.

For some, however or whomever led us to this inspiration becomes a conduit, or perhaps an anchor point, that allows us to connect to the glimpse again. However, most become so devoted to that thing, person, or experience that it clouds their ability to see past it to what is being pointed to, thus becoming an anchor that holds them to that person, event, or ritual.

It’s always the question of what is more important: the path to the understanding or the understanding itself.

Updated: October 4, 2011 — 12:38 pm

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