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Don’t Let Hate Win!


Don’t let hate win…

As some of you know, I am not exactly political. I don’t overly promote, I don’t pontificate, and I certainly don’t denigrate.

But I also can’t hold back when I see something so obvious happening around me that I know is dangerous.

You may be saying right now “well, I know where this is going…” and if so, think about your assumption on where you expected me to go.

My point is that Hate is winning right now.

The motto is: E Pluribus Unum: From Many, One.

Not from many two… Or three…

To despise each other or to engender fear is the real enemy of which we need to be concerned. Hate comes from fear.

When I say hate, it encompasses fear, anger, and bigotry as they are all together.

Over the last couple hundred years, we have always had spirited disagreements, often times heated arguments, and continually approached leadership and values from different points of view.

But it appears to me that we have now entered a new era where our differences of opinion are set aside and decisions come out of hate and disgust more than heated discussion… or really any discussion.

I keep hearing “No way in hell I’m voting for _____…. I hate (him/her).”

I am sure the vast majority of voters are absolutely ingrained in the decision they have already made and nothing that can be said will alter that point of view. But this is not just about what happens on Tuesday. This continues if we do not change its direction.

Perhaps someone who reads this will look at WHY they are voting for the person they have chosen and if that reason is based upon hatred, fear, or bigotry, maybe you will step back and rethink that motivation.

The opposite of hatred and fear is not love. The opposite of hatred and fear is clear headedness.

A campaign based on hate may get somebody put into power, but truly take a look at what that power stands for.

And hating the hater is just as bad because then the hate continues to win.

Regardless of who wins, the most important thing we need to be aware of is that hate as a basis of a campaign, whether it’s against each other or as a protectionist stand, fuels how we think and how we act as a society. If the tide of this mentality on both sides does not shift, the supporters of either side will say we just did not hate enough. Next time we must hate more.

If one person makes the decision to change the way they see things and not vote or think because of hate and fear and has a clear headed conversation with someone with a differing view, then we have moved as a society, even infinitesimally, in the right direction toward a society not based on hate that we would be proud to show our children and guide them toward more clearheaded ways.

The end does not justify the means if hatred is the means. The end is the means.

Patrick Henry had it right: “United we stand, divided we fall!”

And if United means united in hate, it certainly is not the foundation that our forefathers envisioned and is also not the foundation that will sustain us and most certainly we will fall.

Don’t let hate win.

Updated: November 6, 2016 — 7:14 pm

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