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What If…

What if every person in the world helped just one person every single day? Every person.

What if a homeless man picked a flower for a passing lady or retrieved a dropped piece of paper just in order to return it?

What if a rich man opened a door for a UPS man or dropped a quarter in a bucket outside of a market?

What if a child drew a picture and gave it to someone to brighten their day?

What if a teenager picked up trash in front of a local business person’s shop as they passed by?

What if every person believed that doing one thing, big or small, every day was as basic as breathing, every day?

And what if no matter how big or small an act of one day was, it was still just for that day?

And what if no act was done with the expectation of receiving anything in return?

What if…

Updated: October 4, 2011 — 12:32 pm

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