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Why Wait?

It’s funny when I listen to so many people, including that little voice in my head, that talk about the things that they are trying to accomplish so that they feel good about themselves.  And although I completely understand this mentality, I would ask (and I do to myself regularly when I have these errant thought visitors) why are you waiting to feel good? Why wait?

I hear…

“If I lost 10 pounds, then…”

“If I had a better body, then…”

“If my hair was this color, then…”

“If I only had this much money, then…”

“If I got that promotion, then…”

“If I only had that perfect partner, then…”

This ifs and the thens are infinite in possibilities.

But invariably the gist is, if I or my situation were different then I would be happy or satisfied or enjoy life better.

But why wait?

I am not suggesting that anyone not have goals or desires or hopes.  I am merely suggesting that being joyful and happy with exactly what is now is not only possible, but absolutely imperative in experiencing life the way it is intended to be experienced.

And I absolutely am not suggesting that the way things currently are should be where things stay. On the contrary, embracing the way things are, finding the joy in any and every situation and attribute of life, allows more change than fighting against it by an infinite amount.

Everything in life is possible and everything in life is embraceable.

So why wait?

Updated: October 4, 2011 — 12:30 pm

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